Smokeless Stove: Ana Ixlaj

Doña Ana lives with her husband Eduardo (27), their three children Eduardo (8) Mynor (6), Wimer (1 year), and three more relatives in a small community called El Durazno, Chimaltenango. While she takes care of her home and family, Eduardo works in the fields.

Ana used to cook on an open fire stove called, “pollo”, which made her and her children sick because of the smoke, especially baby Wilmer who was suffering from severe respiratory diseases.

“I feel much content with my stove, it is the first stove I have in my life,” she continues, “we also save a lot of wood with it, I have enough space to prepare my tortillas and the rest of our food at the same time!”

When asked about the volunteers, Ana recalls: “It was a great day, we all worked really hard, they were very fun! We still remember them, they left a coin on it, but one of the neighbors kid took it to play with it.”

“Thank you for building my stove, thanks to the volunteers and Habitat staff, it has improved our life a lot. May God bless you all, I may not be able to pay you back, but God will.”