Ignacio Galvez Family

Maino Gálvez, his wife Sandra and daughters Dulce (24) y Sabrina (26) live in El Tejar, Chimaltenango. Sandra is a homemaker and Maino is a mechanic. Their eldest daughter, Dulce recently started a ministry “Changing the Generations” along with her husband. Their second daughter, Sabrina is a worship leader at the church. She writes, sings and plays both the piano and guitar.

Before living in their current house, they lived about one mile away. “We wanted more space for our family,” Sandra says. In their old house there wasn’t enough room for the family and with two adult children, they knew their daughters also needed space. “This house is a great joy and great blessing. We prayed a lot for a house and thanks to God now we have it.”

They’re especially grateful to the volunteers who came to build the house and they remember the group very well!

It’s the outside space of their house that has become a favorite for Maino and Sandra and they are especially grateful for the space they now have for a garden. Plants and flowers fill the front entrance to the home, and they hope to add more in the future. To the group who came to help them build they send thanks and gratitude for the change in their lives to now have their own home.