Smokeless Stove: María Melida Amador

We visited the home of Maria Melida Amadol and spoke with her daughter, Maria Leticia, about their family’s experience with their new smoke-free stove. Maria Leticia lives next door and visits her mom daily as they live side by side and often comes over to use her mom’s new stove. In the home, live Maria Leticia’s younger brothers Neilson (20), Jose Antonio (18) and her mom, Maria Melida and dad, Jose Antonio Sr. They’ve had their smoke-free stove for six months now and they are so grateful for the change it’s made especially for her mom. Before, “a lot of smoke filled the kitchen and it didn’t leave the area.” The new stove pipes the smoke out of the kitchen and the fumes no longer affect their throat and lungs.

To the group who visited and helped to build the family’s stove, Maria Leticia shared, “we’re very grateful to the group that God touched your hearts to come and to help us. We are happy and are so grateful to you.”