Smokeless Stoves: Celestina García

Celestina Garcia and her husband have lived in their current house for 4 years. Her husband works in agriculture, while Celestina is a homemaker, caring for their 3 daughters, Sandra Cecilia (8), Maria Guadalupe (6) and Ilene Estephania (2).

Before  partnering with Habitat Guatemala to receive her smokeless stove, María used to cook on an open fire “pollo” in the ground. The open fumes from the stove affected their health.  “Before we suffered a lot from the smoke in the house” Celestina shared, “now we don’t suffer because of the grill –it heats the food better and it saves a lot of wood.”

Her favorite meal to make is chow mien with vegetables, it is unanimously the favorite dish for all three of her daughters. For the group that came to help construct their stove, Celestina sends this message, “thank you to all of you who came—if it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t know how to construct a stove with a grill. They’ve helped us a lot. We’re grateful to you all, we are so thankful, the stove is beautiful.”