Smokeless Stove: Elogia Rosa Saquic

Elogia, Martin and their three children Rosa (13), Joshua (13) and Violeta (2) have lived in their current home for 5 years. Before partnering with Habitat Guatemala to receive a smokeless stove, the family cooked on a metal grill comal, stove. “It’s much better now,” she says. “The truth is that the smoke affected us a lot, I would have red eyes and the smoke would irritate my throat. Now we don’t have these problems,” says Elogia.

When asked her favorite thing to cooks “everything” she says; “I spend less time cooking and everything cooks well. I feel at peace, being here now when I cook in the kitchen.”

To the volunteers she sends this message, “you came to do this great work and to give your time. I am so grateful. I hope that God will bless you for the time you took to be with my family.”