Smokeless Stove: Jacinta Dolores

Jacinta and her two children Paola (18) and Danny (8) live in the village of San Lucia, Solola. Her mother Magdalena lives just next door and was there when we visited.

The family have had their Habitat stove for 6 months now and have enjoyed their experience, “before we used three rocks and a comal (metal grill) for my stove. With this stove I do not use a lot of wood and the smoke leaves” says Jacinta. “Here, I like to make my mischa tamal, my tortillas, frijoles. I use the stove to heat water for us to bathe too and everything takes less time,” she continues; “I have more time to weave and create more pieces to sell.”

Jacinta remembers very well the group of volunteers who came to build her stove. “They were kind, generous, worked peacefully and left happy as well.” She shares this message to the group, “I am grateful for you all because you helped us a lot, we carry you in this house and always talk about the time you were here. I hope that God will bless you and your lives with good health, this is my desire for you.”