The García Family

Nora Melgar, lives with her husband José, and children María (6) Emy (4), Nury (2) in their new Habitat home in Alotenango, Chimaltenango.  Daniel works in a hotel and Nora is a teacher.

Before partnering with Habitat Guatemala, the family used to live in Nora’s mom house, where they did not have enough space “we wanted a more comfortable place for our own,” says Nora.

Nora found out about Habitat Guatemala programs, through one of her students, who owns a house.  And after learning about the easy access credits and procedures, Daniel and Nora decided to start building a place to call home!

When asked about how she feels with her house, she expresses: “I feel very happy! First, I want to give thanks to God and thanks to Habitat for helping us. My husband constantly says that he still cannot believe that we would have a house of our own ever,” she continues, “In Habitat it is an easy application process, and we are thankful because they have given us better opportunities, I can happily say that we are paying for something that will last, for something of our own.”

The family is planning to have a big garden, Nora loves flowers!!  And in the future, they are planning to paint the house “because we love to draw on the walls,” says little María as she is playing around in the house, they also want to add a second story.

About the volunteers and the week that they shared together building, Nora says: “They were really nice and fun, hard workers too, they had really tough work to do, digging a lot! But still did it with energy and dedication.”

“May God bless you all, not all people give help as you do to people in need, and here in Guatemala, there are plenty (in need). Thank you for your support!!” says Nora.