Sara Rodríguez Family

(Pictured Sara and her niece, who constantly visits her)

The Carrillo family is currently living in their new Habitat home in the department of El Progreso. Sara (25), works as a waiter in a local restaurant and her husband, Axel (32), is a retailer at a local store. When we visited their family we learned that it is about to grow in numbers, the young couple is expecting their first baby girl!

Sara and Axel were still dating, and planning to get married, when she found out about Habitat Guatemala’s programs through a local fair. Sara explains their situation, “First our house and then our marriage… now we are ready to start our family!”

“I am so happy and very content to have my own space. It is a great achievement for me!” explains Sara about how she feels about her home. She continues to explain their plans for the future, “I want to paint it and in the future add more rooms. I like to cook, spend time with my husband and listen to music too.”

As for the family’s experience with the volunteers Sara says, “They liked to share a lot of time with us. We made great memories with them when we walked around our neighborhood.” She continues, “thank you very much for your support, I will always carry you in my heart and mind. Feel welcome whenever you want to come back.”