Sury Reyes Family

Sury and her family are happy to be living in their new Habitat Guatemala home in the department of El Progreso.  Before getting married Sury and her husband, Elder, decided to build their home to live together. The couple has one child, James (4), and they have a second baby on the way!

They found out about Habitat Guatemala’s programs and made their dream of having a house of their own a reality. “We decided it was time to start our life together and pay for something of our own,” says Sury.

When asked about how he feels about her home she explains, “ I feel happy. When you start a family it is really hard to build a house of your own and have all of the necessary things, but we made a decision and now it is a reality. We worked together and we did it!”

In the future, the Hidalgo family is planning to add tiles to the floor and paint it too. They enjoy spending time in their house, playing with James, and listening to music.

Sury and her mother, Berta, loved having volunteers come and work with them.  “The volunteers were really funny and worked really really hard, even though it was hot and the soil was hard to dig!” explains Berta. “If it was not for their help we would have taken longer to dig the trenches! Thank you all for your support. We are looking forward to receive you all here in the future. Please always feel welcome to visit us!” says Sury.