Elida Picón Family

Marleni lives with her baby, Guadalupe (1), her parents, María and Abel, and her two sisters, Zaira and Elida, in their new Habitat home in the department of El Progreso. They used to live in a finca, a farm, and Abel was the administrator. The family was unsure of how long they would be allowed to live on the farm. This meant that their primary motivation to build a new home was to have a stable place to live.

When they learned about Habitat Guatemala’s programs on the internet, they knew that this was a way to make their dream a reality.

When Marleni starts talking about how she feels in her new home, her joy is obvious.  “We feel very happy and content. We are grateful to God and Habitat Guatemala for their support,” she continues; “In the future we are planning to paint it (our home) and add rod-iron details to the windows.”

Marleni has a message she would like to share with the volunteers who helped them build their home, “Thank you so much for your support. May God bless you for all of your help. We always remember you and the week we spent together.”