Sandra Barrios Family

Sandra and her three daughters, Wanda (21), Jazmin (17) and Madeline (12), are happy to be living in their new Habitat home in El Tejar, Chimaltenango.  Sandra works in a retirement home as a nurse while the girls go to school. Before building their home, Sandra and her family lived in a small apartment with a relative in Jocotenango,

Sandra explains that she learned about Habitat Guatemala through the internet. After putting all the requirements in order, she decided it was time to start building a place to call her own. “The process was really fast,” says Sandra.

The joy in Sandra when asked how she feels about her new home is obvious. ”I feel happy! I always dreamt to have my own home!” she says.

The family is planning to place a fence around the house and to add an extra room for Wanda in the future. “I would also like to add a garden,” says Sandra.

Sandra and the girls treasure the memories shared with the volunteers during the week of construction. In tears, she says: “We saw in them the commitment and willingness to help. I was very surprised to learn all the things that they have do in order to come here. I am very grateful to them for coming here and giving their hearts and working so hard. It is good to know that there is more people outside the borders that are fighting and working as hard as we do here without any interest rather than to help and support other people.”

She concludes with a message to the volunteers; “May God bless you all, thank you for your big support! I encourage you to continue helping people in need.”