Oscar García Family

Oscar, Maria and their 3 children (ages 16, 14 and 9) live just outside the town of La Esperanza. Oscar is a builder, constructing houses and Maria is a homemaker.

Before moving to their Habitat home, the family lived in a small home nearby. Maria had heard about Habitat from several others in her community who’d also built their homes through the organization. She personally went to the office to find out more and start the process to build a new home for their family. From the time the paperwork was completed to the first day of building was just 2 months.

When asked, how she feels to be in her own home, Maria responds, “More than anything it’s nice to be outside of the city, here, we have our privacy and there’s a lot less noise.” Just outside the house, there is farmland, a view of the mountains, and a small garden Maria tends each day. “We’re more comfortable, each one of the children have their own rooms, it’s really a nice feeling.”

f the volunteers, she remembers how much they worked, how quickly they put up the walls, and that they were very friendly.” For the group of volunteers, Maria had this message, “We’re very grateful—thank you to you all for your help – may God bless you for the time that you came to work with us”

Regarding future plans for the home, “yes” she says with a smile on her face, in the future, “we’d like to expand the kitchen so we can fit the whole family!”