Gricelda Solis Family

Gricelda Anabella and her husband Klismus came across Habitat at the recommendation of a neighbor. Now they live in their own home with their two children, Gerardo Gabriel (6) and Dailey (4). Klismus is a security guard while Gricelda is a homemaker.

Gricelda and her family rented one-bedroom within another family’s home, where they lived together. When her neighbor mentioned Habitat, the family moved to live with her brother so they could save for a portion of land. With the help of Habitat, they have now built their own home.

 When asked, how she feels having her own house, Gricelda smiles and says, “We feel good, we feel happy to have our own space.” Gricelda even has room for her sewing machine, where she sews clothes including a dress and an apron. Having a home has definitely changed their lives, she says, “Especially for the kids, here, they’re laughing, running, screaming but in the other house, they couldn’t do the same.”

 About the volunteers, Gricelda proudly displays photos of the volunteers who came to construct her home in her living room, a reminder of the help they had along the way. Their goal is to add a second story one day.