Ambrocio Hernández Family

The first thing you will see when you enter into the yard of Ambrocio Hernández, and his wife Santa, are freely roaming chickens! Ambrocio, Santa, and their four children, Karen (15), Bryson (12), Denia (11) and Gerson (9), all live at a slower pace of life in the town of La Esperanza. 

When they first heard about Habitat, they were living in the city and paying a high monthly rent. The couple shared that they wanted ownership and to reduce their monthly expenses. After going through the process, both are now proud homeowners. Now they spend most of their free time at home. “There’s not a lot of noise and we always feel at peace. Before there was a lot of noise from the cars, here it is more beautiful, it is much calmer, and there’s enough water here, we like living here because we are much more at peace.”

Ambrocio is a salesperson and Santa, is a homemaker. When asked what they have planned for the house, they laughed and responded “more chickens!…”for eggs in the morning.” They also would like to plant flowers and a durazno (peach) tree in their front yard too.

All this is possible, because of the group that visited and helped the couple build their home in May of last year. “It’s a great memory because they helped us to build the house,” Ambrocio remembers; “During this week, I had a lot of work, but thanks to God for the volunteers who came from the United States to help, we are very happy because they helped us in a great way and helped us build the house much faster.”


“I’m so grateful for Habitat because when people really need a house, they’ve really made it possible for families,” says Ambrocio.