Marcos Mata – Home for a Home

Marcos (38) lives with his wife María (36) and their five children Ermelinda (16), Ana (14), Ingrid (12), Eduardo (8), and Mynor (6) in the community of Sacchim, San Sebastian, Departament of Huehuetenango. The entire family dedicates themselves to sewing traditional clothing.

With the support of Home for a Home and Habitat for Humanity Guatemala, Teresa’s family was provided with concrete flooring in the kitchen . When the family found out about this project, they were happy to participate as they found it was a great opportunity to improve their quality of life.

In regards to their previous floor Marcos reports, “We had been living with dirt flooring for over 16 years. It was very difficult the house became very dusty and muddy when it rained.” When asked how he feels about their new concrete floor, Marcos answers: “We are happy! It is better now for our health!”

Marcos finishes by sharing a message to the donors: “Greetings to all of you. Thank you for supporting us with our new concrete floor. We are very happy with it. Thank you!”