José Gómez Family – Home for a Home

Cecilia (38) lives with her husband José (38), their four children, Edgar (16), Glenda (15), Lidia (12), Danilo (8) and their grandmother Isabela (64) in the community of Sacchim, San Sebastian, Departament of Huehuetenango. José works in agriculture while Cecilia takes care of the children and household chores.

With the support of Home for a Home and Habitat for Humanity Guatemala, Cecilia’s family was provided with a concrete floor. The family was happy to participate in the project as they knew it was a great opportunity to improve their health.

Before applying the concrete floor in their house, Cecilia and her children explained that their old floor was made of dirt, “Our old dirt floor was uncomfortable and created a lot of dust. It made us cold too!”  When asked how she feels now with their new floor, she answers: “We feel happy because now there is no more dust and we can clean it easily. We also do not feel so cold anymore.”

The concrete floor has improvemented the lives of the Gomez family as the dirt floor is no longer a source of pollution inside their house.

Cecilia shares a message to the donors: “Greetings to you all and may God bless you! Thank you for your support.”