Manuela Choy family – ADISA

“This is our new house,” says Manuela, pointing ahead. She’s seated in the garden next to her daughter where they are weaving traditional clothes that they sell. We can see their new house with a new cement floor.  

Before the family’s journey to their new home, they were living in a house that had a dirt floor. Its walls and roof were constructed of sheet metal that had rusty holes. It was a place to call home, but it didn’t provide the family with the safety, comfort and privacy they deserved. Every rainy season they confronted the same problem, floods. 

“We’re happy here,” she says, smiling. “The rain doesn’t come inside anymore and we are comfortable”.  

Ricardo, Manuela’s younger son, was born with a hand disability that resulted in a surgery where he got his finger amputated. The family is united and taken Ricardo for therapy and surgeries at ADISA. He is 15 years old his only wish is to continue studying.  

 Manuela sends her greetings and thank you to the donors.   

“Thank you for providing us with this home and making our dream a reality! May God bless you”.