Kevin Castillo – Johnson High School – Leslie Helman

Kevin (27), his wife Maribel, (23), and their two girls, Scarlett (1), and Ashley (7), are the happy owners of a new Habitat home in San Juan, Quetzaltenango. Kevin works as a truck driver while Maribel takes care of the children and house chores.

Before partnering with Habitat Guatemala, Kevin mentions that they lived for six years at his parent’s house, sharing only one room. “We found out about Habitat programs through an aunt who built a house with Habitat. Also, my grandparents have a Habitat home.” He continues, “that is why we decided to build with Habitat, to continue the family tradition, and also because my father gifted us with a piece of land to build.”

When asked how they feel with their new home, Kevin answers, “I feel content, because we know that we are paying for something that belongs to us. In the future we are planning to add a second story.” Maribel adds; “I feel happy because I have my own space, I can do what I want here. I enjoy every single part of it!” What the family enjoys the most in their new home is being able to play with their daughters, in their own space.

About the time spent with the volunteers the family recalls, “We had a fun week! The volunteers worked really hard – everyone of them.” They finish by sending a message: “Thank you all for your support! We will always cherish the memories shared. We will have you in our heart forever.”