A new solution to extreme poverty: the Hybrid House


During the last 42 years, Habitat for Humanity Guatemala (HFHG) has served more than 120,000 families with an adequate housing solution. In 2010, we started the Healthy Home Kit program as an effort to support families living in extreme poverty. This program consists of implementing a smokeless stove, sanitary latrine and water filter, among other solutions in households earning between $1 – $2 USD a day. Following the same goal of supporting families living in these conditions with more tangible solutions, in 2019 HFHG created the Hybrid House program: providing families with four walls and a safe roof. The Hybrid Home is a two room home, built with a mix of traditional materials: adobe blocks, cement blocks and wood.

Quick facts the new Hybrid Home:

  1. At just $3,600 to $4,000 USD, it costs less than half the price of a standard HFHG home.
  2. The home is partially subsidized, acknowledging that the population we are serving does not have access to an income that would allow them to pay a mortgage. The family contributes sweat equity, elaborating the adobe blocks as well as participating in the construction of their new home.
  3. The structure can be built in approximately a two week time frame.
  4. This is a new effort to support the sector of the population that is living in the poorest conditions.
  5. To date, the pilot program has consisted of a total of four houses.

As previously explained, this solution is partially subsidized which means that beneficiary families are asked to contribute towards the cost of materials, provide unskilled labor such as preparing the adobe blocks, among other tasks.

Our goal is to continue supporting more families living in vulnerable conditions, such as Florencia Socom to ultimately improve their quality of life.

We invite you to be part of this new and ambitious project! Want to participate in building a Hybrid Home? Have a birthday coming up and want to ask for donations for this program instead of gifts?

Please write donor@habitatguate.org for further details about this program, and how you can support HFHG.