Francisca Atz – Thrivent Builds – Fred Ebbesen

Francisca lives in Chimaltenango with her two girls, Evelyn (17), María (10), her brothers Walter (11), Edwin (14), and Jairo (17). Thanks to the support of Thrivent Builds, her family received a Habitat smokeless stove so that she can cook in a healthier environment.

Before partnering with Habitat Guatemala to receive her smokeless stove, Francisca used to cook over and open fire on the floor for her entire life. Causing them respiratory diseases and burns. She explains that they found out about the project through the Habitat promotor, who explained all the process. After fulfilling all the requirements, she is now happy with her new stove.

When asked how she feels with her new smokeless stove, Francisca responds, “I feel content with it. It is working great, it does not consume much wood,” she continues, “It does not need much care, just to have it clean. I can cook fast and my favorite dish to prepare is beans and tortillas.”  The family supports their livelihood by working in the fields. Francisca weaves traditional clothes for and additional income with the rest of the family members.

Regarding their time spent with the volunteers, Francisca shares, “They work even harder than us! They did not care about the mud, they were happy working.”  She finishes by sending a message to the volunteers: “Thank you all for your support, I may never be able to pay you back, but thanks to you, I can now cook in a smoke free space.”