Emiliana García – Twin Cities – Noah Keller

Emiliana is a single mother living with her six children, Ana (24), María (21), Verónica (20), Joselyn (18), David (16), Vilma (13), and her grandchildren Nelson (2), in their new Habitat home in San Juan Ostuncalco, Quetzaltenango. Emiliana works as a housekeeper, and also sells fresh cow milk around town every morning.

Before partnering with Habitat Guatemala to build her home, Emiliana and her family lived in an adobe house for 23 years; it was in poor conditions. “All of us shared only one room, we all slept together, the ceiling leaked when it rained and we suffered from colds.” Emiliana learned about Habitat through her employer, who also has a Habitat house. After doing some research and speaking with all of her children, they decided to invest in a better future together.

When asked how she feels with her new home, Emiliana smiles and responds, “I feel happy! Very very happy, in my Habitat home! It is all I wanted; a safe and comfortable space to sleep and to rest in peace. Everyone has their own bed, their own space.” She continues, “Thanks to Habitat for their support and for helping me fulfill this dream.” What Emiliana and her children enjoy most about being at home is, “… being able to rest, being able to feel at peace.”

Regarding the week of construction shared with the volunteers, Emiliana shares, “They are hard workers! We advanced a lot with the construction process because of their help. We shared a lot of laughs and happy memories too.”

She finishes by sharing a message to the volunteers, “Receive all our love and greetings! Thank you for your support. May God bless you.”