Edvin Eduardo Enríquez Family

Cinthia lives with her husband Edvin, their two children, Luis (7) and Fabiola (2) and her sister, Edith (16), in their new Habitat home in Barrio Villa Hermosa, San Benito Petén. Edvin works in a sawmill, while Cinthia works doing odd jobs, such as cleaning homes & washing clothes.

Before partnering with Habitat Guatemala, the family rented a house for over four years. They were paying a considerable amount without any chance of owning the house in the future. Their prime motivation to build a new home was for the family to have their own space, “We learned about Habitat through an uncle and a local committee member,” says Cinthia.

She explains that after they learned about Habitat and had an opportunity to discuss it, they finally decided to invest in a home. The family wanted more space, “My husband was not 100% convinced, but after several talks I convinced him!” explains Cinthia.

When asked how they feel about their new home, Cinthia smiles, and responds, ”I feel great! With our own home. We are able to do what we want.” In the future, the family is planning to add tiles to the floor, and add an extra room. As a family, they enjoy spending time together. “We make popcorn and go outside to play with the kids and chill in the hammock,” says Cinthia.

When asked about the week of construction with the volunteers, she answers, “It was a great week. We always think about the volunteers and look at the pictures they left us.”

“Thank you all for this awesome experience. We will always remember you. Thank you for your support.” – Cinthia de Enríquez.