Angélica María González Family

Angélica, who is a 22 years old girl, is living in her new Habitat home in Santa Elena, Petén.  She has been working in a bank for over three years now.

Before partnering with Habitat Guatemala, Angélica used to live with her parents. After learning about Habitat’s programs, she decided it was time to build her own home and make her dream a reality.  “I now know the value of things. When you have your own stuff, you add more value to it. I am the youngest daughter and even though it was a lil bit hard, I wanted to gain independence,” says Angélica.

When asked how she feels with her new home, Angélica smiles and responds, ”I feel a great satisfaction to be able to achieve this at a young age.”  She is planning to put a fence around the house and add a porch in the front in the future.

What Angélica enjoys most about being at her home is the ability to rest and listen to music. “My sister gifted me an stereo, so I enjoy listening to music,” she says.

She finishes by sharing a message to the volunteers, “It was a beautiful experience to share with all of the volunteers. Thank you for your support, all your effort is evident with these walls. May God bless you all.”