Health modules – Brenda Yoselin

Brenda (7 years old) lives with her mother Roselia (33 years old), a housewife, her father Benjamín (45 years old), a farmer, her sister Leidy (15 years old), her brother Marlon (10 years old), her brother Yonny (5 years old) and her little sister Elida (3 years old). The family lives in Aldea Simajhuleu, San Juan Comalapa, Chimaltenango.

Brenda likes to play with dolls, coloring books and notebooks, her favorite color is pink and she loves flowers.

Brenda was diagnosed on June 29, 2023 with kidney disease, she is currently receiving her hemodialysis treatment in Guatemala City, for this the family usually leaves early in the morning to be able to arrive on time for her appointment.

With the construction of the health module, Brenda now has a space with the conditions and equipment necessary to perform peritoneal dialysis at home. This project has a direct impact on the savings in time and resources that were required for her to travel to the city to receive her treatment.