Race Against Homelessness 2024

Help us transform the lives of other families one concrete floor at a time.

Habitat Guatemala joins Race Against Homelessness #RAH2024 to promote its region-wide campaign 100,000 Floors to Play On.

Through #RAH2024, we seek to encourage the global community of sports-minded, wellness-minded people to support the campaign and transform the lives of Guatemalan families with concrete floors.

What is 100,000 floors to play with?

100,000 Floors to Play On is a Habitat for Humanity and FICEM project that aims to transform the lives of 100,000 families throughout Latin America and the Caribbean by replacing 100,000 dirt floors with concrete floors by 2028.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, about 40% of the total population is affected by the housing deficit and of this percentage, 6% of households have a dirt floor as the predominant flooring material.

In Guatemala alone, there are more than 843,958 homes with predominantly dirt floors, seriously affecting the health, nutrition and well-being of families, especially children, who are the most vulnerable population as they are in direct contact with the soil while crawling, walking, playing or eating on the surface.

What is the impact of a concrete floor? ·

  • 70% reduction in parasitic infections ·
  • 49% reduction in diarrheas
  • 81% reduction in anemia cases
  • Increased cognitive development from 36% to 96%.

Who is the initiative aimed at?

The 100,000 Floors to Play On campaign is aimed primarily at supporting households headed by mothers, with children under 6 years of age, older adults and/or people with disabilities.

What will Habitat for Humanity Guatemala (HPHG) contribute?

From 2023 to 2025, Habitat for Humanity Guatemala will designate its own funds to support the construction of concrete floors nationwide; in 2023, approximately USD$ 385,000 was designated to help 2,500 families. During the three years of the initiative, around USD$ 1.2 million will be provided.

Join #RHA2024 in this exciting virtual event and seek to make a difference in communities in Guatemala that need our help to have a decent house to call home! Your generosity can transform the lives of many children by providing them with a hygienic, safe and durable concrete floor.

Every donation counts and with each one we are one step closer to creating a more hopeful and dignified future for the families we support.

Donate now and be part of the change