Aracely Colop Family

Aracely is a single mother of two boys,  Anthony (19) and Rodrigo (10). Due to the lack of job opportunities in Cantel, Quetzaltenango, Aracely and her boys had to move to Guatemala City to live with a relative, but during weekends and holidays they can now come back to their community to enjoy their new Habitat home and a place to call their own.

Doña Celestina (Aracely’s mom) explains how hard it is for her daughter to work and provide her children with education while making a living in Guatemala city. They also travel during weekends and holidays to visit the rest of the family and enjoy quality time in their home.  Before partnering with Habitat Guatemala, they used to live in her parents’ house which did not have enough space for all of them.

Due to all the inconvenience and wishing for a space for her and her children to grow up and have privacy and safety, Aracely decided it was time to invest in a house for their future with the support of Habitat Guatemala.

Aracely’s mom explains how her daughter feels regarding her home; “Now I am happy to have my own house, something to leave to my kids,” In the future, they are planning to add a garden and paint the walls.

Regarding the week of construction with the volunteers, Doña Celestina says; “It was a fun week! They worked really hard, even though it rained, we shared lots of good memories,” she continues, “We are grateful for your support, may God bless you. Remember that the doors of our house are open for you always!”