Alejandra Soto Family

Alejandra (25) lives with her husband José (26) and their three children, Antonio (6) Fernanda (4) and Pablito (2) in their new Habitat home in Olintepeque, Quetzaltenango.  José works as a salesman and Alejandra is a full-time mom.

Before partnering with Habitat Guatemala, the family used to live with Alejandra’s mom and then rented a house for over a year.  One day they were invited to the inauguration of a Habitat house’s friend, and that was when they decided it was time to get a space for their own! “Where we lived before, there was not enough space for my children to play, now they say that they like our house because we have a big garden to play, that is what they enjoy the most, playing outside,” says Alejandra.

When asked regarding how she feels about her home, Alejandra says: “I feel good! there is no better thing in life that to have your own space. In here we can do whatever we want,” she continues, “Our main plan is to finish paying for the house, and as soon as we finish we want to add a second story.”

About the construction week, Alejandra starts laughing and recalls: “we had a great week, it was a beautiful experience, mainly for my kids! The volunteers played with them a lot, Pablito had his first steps during that week,” she continues, “they worked really hard and made a lot of progress.”