Vulnerable Families Fund


In 2017, Habitat Guatemala launched a campaign to help serve the most vulnerable families living in extreme poverty in Guatemala. These families would not otherwise be eligible to own a Habitat home due to their low levels of income, but are in difficult circumstances that Habitat Guatemala can improve.

Envisioned as a multi-year project, we will work year to year in order to identify families in the most impoverished areas of the country. The solutions that will be provided through the fund will be tailored to the specific circumstances and needs of each family.

Habitat Guatemala hopes to continue growing the vulnerable families fund through your generous partnership, which will allow us to serve more Guatemalan families in need.

Sucess Stories: 

Crisanta López Family

Crisanta was left widowed last year and she was struggling to fix the roof of her home where she lives with six of her children. 

Thanks to the help of several generous donors, Habitat Guatemala provided the López family with a new roof, a fresh coat of paint for the walls, a Chispa stove, a water filter, and a new sanitary latrine. This project improved their quality of life with a safe roof and adequate access to proper sanitation and a smoke-free environment.

The Morales Family

Álvaro and his wife, Lucrecia, are parents to four adult children, three of whom have special needs and use wheelchairs.  The family lives in a two-story house and previously, the children had to be carried up and down the stairs.

With the help of a dedicated volunteer, the funds that were needed for the project were raised. Habitat Guatemala built a solar-powered elevator in the family’s home, giving the children their independence, eliminating the risk of a fall, and adapting a solution specifically to the family’s story.

Projects that need funding: 

Juan César Gómez Family

Juan lives with his sister, Amalia, his niece Maribel, and his great nephew, Ángel, in the department of San Marcos.

The whole family inhabits a three bedroom house made of deteriorating wood, a leaky metal roof and dirt flooring. Amalia, Maribel and Angel share one room, while Juan sleeps in a separate one. They cook over an open flame in this space, covering the walls and ceiling with soot. This manner of preparing meals has caused several respiratory issues for the family.

Habitat Guatemala is planning to support the family by providing them with a new home. On October 12th, 2019, Habitat Guatemala will hold a race (5K &10K) in San Marcos to raise funds for the family.

We ask that you consider supporting the cause as well. Join us and be part of the construction of a better Guatemala!