Healthy Home Kit: María Pichol

Doña María lives with her husband and four children in the department of Sololá, Guatemala. While she takes care of her home and family, her husband works in the fields.

María used to cook on a stove that was old and in bad shape, which made her sick. “We feel happy and safe now. We save wood now too, we do not have to buy so often,” she says.

As part of the Healthy Home Kit, María’s family also received a sanitary latrine and a water filter. The latrine that used before was around 15 years old and they had to share it with the rest of their relatives.  They have also noticed a big change with the water filter, as now they feel that the water tastes better.

They cherish the good memories shared with the volunteers: “they put a small gift inside the stove so we can remember them always,” María continues, “we are very grateful with them and for their support, may God bless you.”