Healthy Communities

Muy Útil started in Guatemala on 2,000 providing Guatemalan families with world class water filters on affordable prices.

Habitat Guatemala and Muy Útil started working together on 2012 to provide a better quality of life to Guatemalan families. This alliance has benefited more than 10,000 families till today.

The consumption of polluted water is one of the main causes of gastrointestinal diseases and with the implementation of the Water Filter, Habitat Guatemala gives an affordable and effective solution to this problem.

MuyÚtil water filter fights 99% of bacteria, also eliminates bad flavor and odor in water. The candle is composed of activated charcoal, and purifies more than five gallons in eight hours. It is easy to use and handle.  When families receive the filter, they also receive training in how to use and maintain it.

“Providing  drinking water for consumption has an enormous positive impact in the life quality of a family, it serves as a starting point to a better life, health and well being start with water.” Says Juan Carlos Chéves from MuyÚtil.