The Valdéz Alvanez Family

Three-year old Adrian is just as curious as he is energetic. He asks a flurry of questions while zig-zagging around the kitchen of his new Habitat home.

“Can I look at your camera?” He points at the lens, and he stands on tiptoes for a better look. “I want to take a photo of my mom. Can I do that””

Below is the result:


Adrian’s mom, Cesia (26), laughs as her little son wanders around with a bulky camera that is nearly as big as he is. As a single mother, Cesia values personal growth for him and also herself. Both mother and son are highly eager and independent, often fully immersing themselves in whatever they do. For this reason, Cesia decided to pursue a new house. “Before this house, I lived with my mother, who lives near the Colony. It was nice, but there was only one room.”

Since working with Habitat, Celia feels that both she and her son have grown. “I feel great to have my own space,” Cesia says. “It’s so much better for Adrian, too: he can play with this friends, ride his bike, go roller-skating. He loves sports and has the most energy that you can imagine for a little boy. Here, he has space, and I can breathe.”


One of Cesia’s newfound freedoms is finding a better balance between work and play. “Life can go a bit slower, a bit calmer, and I can enjoy it more.”