The Sanchez Santos Family

selvinleonelsanchezsantos_foto_grupoDiana (29) and her husband, Selvin (31), have been living in the Colony for the past five months. Both lead busy work lives; Diana is a University Coordinator and organizes free courses for aspiring students of all ages in Usumatlan. Selvin spends his day traveling as a businessman. Both had always dreamed of having a place of their own.

“Before, we were living with a friend, who had left us her house to care for it,” says Diana. “We were there for about a year. We didn’t want to live with our parents, and we still hadn’t married because we had no home. Until March 2016, we lived there, and then my friend returned.”

For monetary reasons, the couple quickly became apprehensive about moving and were unsure about the future. However, they found that Habitat could offer a solution.

“We knew about the Amway Colony, and my husband decided to talk to people who had lived there for the past few years. We decided to give it a try and applied. Last November, we were approved, right before the building began.


Diana is elated that their decision has paid off. “We’re so content here. And grateful, because it was an incredible opportunity. Here in Guatemala, it’s incredibly difficult to finance your own house. Plus, we were happy to be part of the construction here. My husband would come every Saturday to help.”

She smiles. “This has been something incredibly new and exciting, while also familiar. It feels like we were destined for this.”

The thing she’s most looking forward to? “We want kids! I already have a room ready!”