They Byron Montoya Family

Byron, his wife Glendy, and their two children,  Marleny (9) and Jefferson (5), are currently living in their new Habitat home in San Andrés Semetabaj, Sololá. While Byron mainly works as a mason, he also works as a clown named, “Trishano” and holds many different occupations, Glendy takes care of the children and the household chores.

“When we started our family, we were living in a wooden house in the land across the street. Later on, we were able to build another house (the one that is below us). This space was not enough for my family, we needed a bigger and safer space.” says Byron. After learning about Habitat’s programs, Byron and Glendy decided it was time to build a new home and provide their children with a safe and adequate future.

When asked how they feel with their new home, Byron responds, ”We feel very happy to have our house, my children too! As you can see, I have made some improvements to it; we built the front porch, and added tiles to the floor too. We are very content.” In the future they are planning to paint the house.

What their family enjoys most about being at home is playing together, as well as sitting to eat together on the front porch, while watching the rain fall. Their lives have changed in a major way, “We feel very comfortable, everyone has their own space now,” explains Byron.

About the week of construction with the volunteers, Byron recalls, “They were hard workers! They carried a lot of materials and were of great help in the construction!” He finishes by sharing a message to the volunteers, “We are very grateful for your support, for coming from abroad to help families like ours is admirable. Thank you again! The door to our house is always open. Please feel welcome to come at anytime.”