Thelma Tum Family

Thelma lives with her daughters Jazmín (4) and Ingrid (3) and her husband Danny, who recently returned from working in Canada, in their new Habitat home in the department of Chimaltenango.

Before building their new house, Thelma and her family used to live with her parents: “We were living with my parents in a small room for the four of us. We did not have enough space, and my girls wanted to have their own space to play.”

They learned about our programs through Thelma’s sister who already owns a Habitat house. “We did not have enough resources to pay for our own house. That was one of the reasons my husband went to Canada to work and pay for it,”  explains Thelma.

When asked how she feels about her new house, she answers: “I feel really happy. It was our dream and now it is a reality.”  She continues: “with my husband, we are at home, and feel calm and can enjoy.” The family is planning to add a big garden and paint the house in the future.

About the volunteers, she says: “I remember the volunteers a lot because they worked really hard. I was very happy to receive them and share with them.” Thelma continues: “They were really fun and never got tired.”

Thelma sends the volunteers a special message: “Thank you very much for your help, we are very happy with our house! I encourage you to keep on helping and may God bless you.”