Legian Special Project – San Pedro Las Huertas

On the outskirts of San Pedro Las Huertas, a town located 4 kms from Antigua, Guatemala, there is a small community of families living in extreme poverty. When Habitat Guatemala visited the families, we realized their need for a Healthy Home Kit: a smokeless stove, a sanitary latrine, and a water filter.

For 25 of these families, their reality has changed since the last time we visited them. They used to cook over an open flame and did not have access to proper sanitation or safe drinking water.

Each family has received a Healthy Home Kit, thanks to the support of Legian & Habitat for Humanity Netherlands. The Kit helps families improve their own lives in a drastic way through access to basic everyday household services.

“I feel really happy with my Kit! The stove is working really well, I am really thankful for all who have helped us. I invite you to continue with your support to all the people in need,” says Carmen Olayo, one of the beneficiaries, who used to cook on an open fire stove and owns a small tortilla shop that now is growing because of her new stove.

The official inauguration of the project took place on April 25th, with representatives of the community, local committee members, and Habitat Guatemala staff members.

With these solutions, we are making life changing impacts, join in and let’s build a better Guatemala together!