Sonia Morales Family

Sonia Morales and her family live in a small village called Canoas Altas in the department of Sololá, Guatemala. Sonia lives with her children, Dina (25), Sara (23), Gladis (21), and Edwin (16). Her husband died approximately 10 years ago. Sonia sells flowers and corn, and weaves textiles with her daughters, while Edwin works in the fields.

The family learned about Habitat Guatemala from a relative who is a Habitat homeowner. Before, the Morales lived in a crowded wooden house that had a dirt floor and a leaky roof. They were able to build their new home on the same piece of land as their old home, which made the entire process much easier.

Now that they are settled, they feel safe and happy in their new space. They even have a room where they can create their weaving textiles and spend time together.

They are appreciative of the volunteers who came and supported them in their journey of building a new home. “Thank you for the great work you did here,” says Sonia, “we had a lot of fun, they shared their food and laughs with us. May you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, God bless you!”