Healthy Home Kit: Florinda Tax Family

Florinda Tax lives in the department of Sololá, Guatemala with her husband and their four children, Brenda (11), Elizabeth (7), Yolanda (6) and Carlos (4). Her husband works in agriculture while Florinda takes care of her home and family. During the day, the three girls go to school and the youngest Carlos stays at home with Florinda. “I used to cook on an old stove with a lot of smoke, but with my new stove I do not suffer anymore. We save a lot of wood too,” she says.

Florinda explains how partnering with Habitat Guatemala to implement a Healthy Home Kit has improve aspects of her family’s daily life: “The water filter has helped us a lot. The water that is delivered by a truck to our house comes dirty, and before we had to boil it. Now, we just pour it in the filter, wait, and it is ready to drink,” continues Florinda: “before, we had to share the latrine of some relatives, but now our latrine is only ours, we have much more privacy and do not have to walk a lot.”

Florinda feels very happy with her kit and sends a message to the volunteers: “Thank you all for your hard work, we shared good memories and you will always be in our hearts!”