Smokeless stoves: Carmen Axón

Carmen and her family live in a small community in the department of Chimaltenango, Guatemala. She and her husband live in their home with two children, Brian (5) and Keydi (3).  While Carmen’s husband works in the fields growing crops, she takes care of the children.

Carmen talks about her stove, saying: “It is of great help, now I can cook multiple dishes at the same time,” she continues: “I feel better, I can cook without burning myself, and there is no smoke for the kids. I also save a lot of wood.”

Carmen finishes by explaining that now, because of the chimney that is part of the smokeless stove design, her kitchen does not fill with smoke when she cooks. “Before there was so much smoke, and my daughter Keydi got really sick. Now, there is no more smoke and Keydi is much better!” she says happily.

To the volunteers she refers: “I am really grateful with them, may God bless you all. Because of your help, now we have a safe place to cook.”