#GivingTuesday : Teresa Churunel Family



Doña Teresa is 55 years old and currently lives in a small village called Caserio Churuneles 1, Pujujil 3 in Sololá, Sololá, with her granddaughter Eva Saraí (5), whose mother recently passed away. The house in which they are living belongs to her eldest son, and it is made of adobe and concrete. Recently, a landslide tore down the entire wall of one room and left the rest of the house unstable. Teresa and her granddaughter are still living in one of the rooms, taking the risk of the house falling apart while inside.

Recently they bought a piece of land near the house, where they are planning to build a new house, but they do not have enough income to apply for a loan. The land where they are planning to build needs some fixing too, in order to make it safe to live.

Doña Teresa has some physical limitations which prohibit her to have a formal job, so she weaves textiles, and takes care of her granddaughter. Her son, Jesús, takes care of her and the house, but only earns US$170 per month working at a grocery store in the capital city.

This coming #GivingTuesday Habitat Guatemala hopes to support Teresa and her family with a new house, so they can have an adequate place to live. With your help, anything is possible!