Smokeless Stove: Rebeca Morales

Doña Rebeca lives with her husband Pastor and their five girls:  Selina (16), Yuri (13), Sully (10), Briseira (9) and Dailin (7) in a small community Las Lomas, Chimaltenango. While Pastor works as an independent seller to provide for their family, Doña Rebeca takes care of the home.

Before receiving a Smokeless Stove, Rebeca cooked over an open flame on the floor. Causing her and her family different respiratory diseases, headaches and red eyes because of the smoke.

Rebeca feels really happy and content with her stove, she says: “I feel very content with my stove! There is no more smoke inside my kitchen and it consumes less firewood. There is enough space for me to prepare my tortillas and the rest of my food at the same time,” she continues; “I suffered from eyes disease and they have improved a lot now.”

When asked about the day of construction, María refers: “It was a great day, all the volunteers were really nice. It was fun to share with them,” she continues; “Thank you all for your support! May God bless you. Feel welcome to come back whenever you want.”