Smokeless Stove: Nancy Can

Nancy, her husband Eddy and two sons, Van and Emerson live in the town of El Duranzo. Nancy would prepare meals for her family of four over an open fire “pollo” stove, which the family constructed themselves. Now, she has had her smokeless stove for over 6 months and is pleased with the effects.

When asked about the difference between her old and new stove, Nancy said, the difference is we don’t inhale the smoke. “The smoke affected our eyes and throat, now it is better” When we asked Nancy, “What is your favorite item to cook using your new stove?”—“Everything!” She says, “everything cooks quickly, and I spend less time in the kitchen.”

Nancy remembers well, the group that came to visit and helped to build her stove. “I want to say thank you for coming to help my family and for helping families who need it most”