Smokeless Stove – Martina Chalí

Martina lives in Sololá with her husband, José, their son, Gamaliel (8) and their parents-in-law. Thanks to the support of the HFH Pensacola, her family recently received a Habitat smokeless stove to cook in a healthier environment.

Martina says, “I feel happy, we had to share a stove with my mother-in-law, and it was deteriorating and let out a lot of smoke; now, we are doing very well with this new stove, each one has its own.” The family supports their livelihood by working in the home and in the fields.

When asked how she feels with her new stove, Martina responds, “Happy and satisfied to finally have a stove that works well! Now, our eyes feel better, no more irritation. And it consumes less wood too, we can save that money,” she continues, “I love to cook corn in all its forms, to make tortillas, grilled, atol, etc.”

To the volunteers, Martina would like to express, “Thank you for coming to build our stove! We are happy with it and keep using it.”