Sanitary Latrine – Roxana Pilo

Roxana lives with her husband, Edgar, and their four children, Greily (15), Linda (14), Astrid (12) and Edgar (7), in San Lucas Tolimán, Sololá.  While Edgar works in the fields, Roxana takes care of the children.

Roxana found out about Habitat Guatemala’s sanitary latrines project through a local committee member, that explained the process to them. Before partnering with Habitat Guatemala to receive the family’s sanitary latrine, the family had been using a toilet given to them by the government. The problem is that the community where they live does not have constant running water; they receive water every four days. Therefore, the family cannot use the latrine on a regular basis. Roxana explains, “We could not use the old toilet often because of the water problems we have here. With the new latrine is completely different, I feel calm and happy with it.”

Regarding the time spent with the volunteers, she shares,  “All of the volunteers were really fun and kind, we had a great time together.  All of my family sends greetings to you. Thank you all for your support. May God bless you.”