Smokeless Stove: Juana Bixcul Huarcas

Juana and Javier live in the department of Sololá, Guatemala. Javier works in the field while Juana takes care of their family. They have three children, Jonathan (8), Walter (6), and Daniel (1).

“We used to cook on an open fire stove, and the smoke made my eyes hurt. My little boy got pneumonia because of the smoke,” says Juana about her old stove. “We have to buy the wood and now we save a lot because the new stove heats quickly and cooks fast too,” she continues, “I feel happy with the stove. My children are happy too, because now we can eat around it without smoke in our eyes.”

Juana sends a message to the volunteers “we are very grateful for your help. We still keep the photos you left with us. May you all have a Merry Christmas!”