Esvin Andrés Noj Family

Esvin and three of his brothers are living in their new Habitat home. He is 21 years old and works at a tailor’s shop making clothes. Before partnering with Habitat Guatemala to build his home, Esvin used to live with his parents and siblings in a small house. Then, he decided to start looking for a place of his own.

He found out about Habitat through his brother that also has a house with us, and decided it was time to get a home of his own and to share it with his other brothers. “As a child I always dreamt of having my own house. Now, it is a reality because of the support of Habitat,” says Esvin.

Esvin reflects on his house: “I feel really happy with my house, thanks to God and the support of Habitat,” he continues, “I would like to paint it and add a big garden. I like sleeping in my own room. Here, there is no noise of my niece and nephew (pictured below).”

“We had a really good time building with the volunteers, they had a lot of energy and worked really hard,” he says. “Thank you very much for your help,  we were able to build it even faster and now it is really pretty. I may not have enough money to pay you back, but I am forever grateful to you.”