Smokeless Stove: Floridalma Estrada

Floridalma and her family of 4 live in Xesuj, San Martin, in Chimaltenango. They have lived in their house for 16 years. They recently received their smokeless stove, when a group of volunteers came to help them build. Before their current stove, Floridalma did not have a stove and cooked over an open flame “pollo” stove. The smoke from the open fire affected her lungs, her throat and caused coughing. Her new stove has helped a lot, she shared with us. Now, she saves wood and there’s much less heat.

Her favorite thing to cook with her new stove is chicken and rice with a tomato base and caldo, a traditional soup. Having her stove has changed her daily life. Now she can cook her meals quickly to do more things. One of the activities that fills Floridalma’s days is coffee harvesting and she showed us the coffee beans she produces for her family and sells to neighbors.

To the group of volunteers who came, Floridalma sends her thanks, smiling brightly. This stove has allowed her to do more and she is so thankful.