Smokeless Stove: Estella Ixlá

Estella Ixla and her family of seven live in El Durazno, Chimaltenango. Estella is a homemaker and her husband, Samuel, works in agriculture.

She shares with us the effect that having her smokeless stove has had on her daily life. “Before a lot of wood was wasted but now we actually save wood.” “I can cook a lot at the same time, and I can make my tortillas.” When asked about her favorite meal to prepare she says she loves to cook everything on her new stove because it’s so much quicker. And then she adds “but especially pepian,” a traditional dish made of grilled tomato, onion, cilantro, garlic, vegetables and peppers.

To the group of volunteers, Estella sends this message, “I want to say the them, thank you, for giving us this stove because of your help we are better.”