Smokeless Stove: Dominga Maribel Alva Tohom

Dominga Maribel lives in Solola with her husband, Samuel and their three children Milton (14), Jocelyn (10) and Cynthia (2). Her family recently received a Habitat smokeless stove when a group of volunteers built a stove in her home, and another in the home of her mother-in-law, Simona, nearby.

Dominga says “I feel happy, I had one before, but it was very old and deteriorating and let out a lot of smoke that stained the roof and walls; now, we are doing very well with this new stove.” The family supports their livelihood by working in the home and in the fields. “I’m a homemaker, I care for my children, clean and cook for my family. My husband works in the fields and sometimes for a clothes factory. When the owner gives us clothes, we work together here in the home to decorate the clothes or iron them for the factory,” she says.

Dominga has fond memories of the volunteers who came to help the family construct their stove. “They were very kind. Even though not everyone spoke Spanish well, still we got along very well, my daughter remembers them and asks about them.”

To the group of volunteers Dominga says, “I am very grateful to them. They gave their heart in the work. It is a blessing that they came to work together with us. I do not have the words how to thank you but I know that in the heavens, there is One who always helps and protects. I always pray and ask God to help you, to protect you. We are very happy to have this stove and we hope one day we will get to see you all again.”