Sherly Gabriela Castillo Family

Sherly lives with her husband, Deily, and their three children, Gabriela (8), Genesis (6) and Lia (3), in their new Habitat home in Valle de las Flores Habitat Housing Community in Escuintla. Deily is currently working as a mason, while Sherly is a homemaker and a full time mom.

The Castillo family is one of the 41 families who received a fully subsidized Habitat home through the Fuego Volcano Disaster Response project.  The families who have benefited from the project are from the communities of San Miguel los Lotes, Los Barrios and El Rodeo. The Fuego volcano  eruption affected over 1.7 million Guatemalans, leaving many dead and missing, and thousands seeking refuge in temporary shelters.

Following the tragedy, the family lived in different shelters, with family members and then rented a small metal sheet house for almost seven months along her mother in law. That is when they received the visit from Habitat Staff telling them about the project. After a few months they started to build a new home for themselves.

Nine months have passed since the family moved into their home in Valle de las Flores. When asked about how they feel with their new home, Sherly says; ”I feel happy, thanks to God. We like the weather here, it is nice and cool.”

The family feels that they have already adapted to the housing community. They enjoy going to the nearby field to watch everyone play soccer. Sherly shares that their life has changed for the better. She likes that the house is bigger and more comfortable in comparison to where they lived before.

The family has many memories of the construction process, and the volunteers and donors that helped them. “There were a lot of people that came to help us build, ” says Sherly.

She finishes with a message to all of the donors and volunteers; “We are very grateful to Habitat for including us in this project. Thank you very much for all of the support that you have given us. We are very grateful.”