Angela del Rosario Álvarez Family

Angela lives with her three children,  Alan (15), Joselyn (14) and Angela (8), in their new Habitat home in Valle de las Flores Habitat Housing Community in Escuintla.  Angela is a homemaker and her children are studying in Palin Escuintla.

The Alvarez family is one of the 41 families who received a fully subsidized Habitat home through the Fuego Volcano Disaster Response project.  The families who have benefited from the project are from the communities of San Miguel los Lotes, Los Barrios and El Rodeo. The Fuego volcano eruption affected over 1.7 million Guatemalans, leaving many dead and missing, and thousands seeking  in temporary shelter.

A few months have passed since the family moved into their home in Valle de las Flores. When asked about how they feel with their new home, Lilian says; ”I feel calm and content. Before I felt lost without a place to live. Now, little by little we feel more stable, because we know it belongs to us.”


The family is planning to add a fence around the house and Angela expresses, “I want to add a garden too.”

She shares that her kids are still in the process of adapting to the new house, but with time they will feel more comfortable. “When I have a free time after doing all the house chores, I enjoy sitting down and relaxing with them,” says Angela.

The family has many memories about the construction process with all of the volunteers and donors that helped them, “It was of great help what they came and did. They helped me paint and finish other details,” says Angela.

She finishes with a message to the donors and volunteers; “Habitat is an organization that really helps to fulfill the dreams of many people. I am very grateful to all of you. Thanks to you we now have a place to live. May God bless you for all your help.”